About Us

Photograph by Natalie Keeton
Hi, we’re Chris and Callie Enea.
In 2022, we decided to host our wedding on Callie’s family farm. While preparing for that once-in-a-lifetime event, we fell in love with the land and decided to become its custodians.
We designed a garden, built a high-tunnel, grew flowers, and transformed the property into our dream wedding venue. Now that we’re married, we’re on a mission to transform the farm into a place of beauty, wellness, and community.
At this time, the farm is an earnest hobby. Chris works on the farm as often as he can, while Callie runs her branding and marketing business, Honeycomb, and works on the farm during the weekend. Callie’s agency provides branding, marketing, and design consulting services to small businesses looking to launch new brands and websites. Her mission in life is to make things beautiful and to make beautiful things.
Chris is a New Yorker whose decade of experience working for a banking firm did not prepare him for life on the farm. He highly prefers working outside under the sun (even in Tennessee summers) than sitting behind a desk.
A few or our goals for the farm is to use our resources to rewild the property from treeline to roadside, to create unique experiences for friends and family and eventually special guests, and to share our experiences in the hopes of inspiring others.
Callie is the fifth generation to manage this property and we hope our work regenerating the land will provide a beautiful place for family, wildlife, and our community for generations to come.

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