Sourdough Starter

A Resource Guide to Sourdough Starter The Best Resources For Making a Sourdough Starter From Scratch While you can certainly begin your sourdough journey with a starter gifted by a generous neighbor or like me purchase a dehydrated starter from a fellow sourdough enthusiast on Etsy (see below), another option is to start your own […]

How to Plan an Intentional Wedding

How we are planning a non-traditional wedding on our farm in Tennessee. Creating purpose in your wedding planning using the “Art of Gathering” method.

The Beginning.

The Beginning Let me set the scene: I’m sitting on the porch, it’s a warm spring day here in Tennessee. Birds are chirping, ice cream is churning in the background and I’m here at my computer writing a blog post I never imagined I would ever write in my entire life. When you swear up […]